Bulb Modelling Tutorial - Page 6

Step 14:
Using the Bevel tool (right click to chose it from the contextual menu) bevel these polys downwards twice as shown here. Once moving the polys a little ways, and then again farther to belly the shape down to line up with the template image. We do the first smaller bevel in order to create a row of polys that will hold a sharper edge where the screw threads end.

Using Extrude Inner, pull the polys in a small distance. Then Extrude Inner again a very small amount to create a small ring of polys. Again this is to add detail holding edges to the HyperNurbs cage. Extrude the polys a small amount downwards. What we are doing here is forming the area where the insulator on the base starts.

Bevel the polys again and then pull up on the green axis arrow to move the polys upwards slightly. This makes the bevel become more shallow. Bevel downards again, Then Etrude Inner a small ways, then Extrude down a small ways and finally Extrude Inner again. The result you are aiming for is shown above. What this series of steps does is model the insulator and the small "button"connector on the bottom of the light bulb.

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