Light Bulbs Version 2 in Cinema 4D R13 Format

Download contains a physically accurate incandescent bulb model, and a physically accurate CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) model. These models require Cinema 4D R13 with the Advanced Render package. These bulbs work best with the new Physical render engine, but they also work with the standard render and global illumination renderers. The bulbs will work equally well as direct imports or as XRef objects.

The models have XPresso logic and user interfaces so that you can easily control them in a variety of lighting situations. They feature Photometric Intensity and colour temperature settings to accurately model the behavior of real world light sources in your scenes.

roll over the thumbnails to view the various lighting styles available

File Format: Cinema 4D R13
Price: $5.00 US
Polygons: 19464 / 32422
Textures: 6 / 9

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