Modular Synthesizer in Cinema 4D R13 Format

What you get in this package:

An accurate model of a modular synthesizer, complete with keyboard, keyboard garage, 44 unit case, and 2 22 unit cases. Every single module available on the website (as of February 17, 2012) is included in the scene file, with the exception of a couple of the power interface options which are usually on the back of the cases and therefore not normally visible. The example module set up does not use all of the supplied modules - it was set up as a personal "tweak" to a Studio System 66, with an additional sequencer cabinet added.

Extensive use of render instances, procedural objects, and procedural textures keeps the memory usage of this model moderately low. Every module is built out of an inventory of instanced parts. The models are highly detailed and can be rendered in closeup without losing the photorealistic detail. No image textures are used anywhere, so the labels and text remain crisp no matter how close your camera gets. See example 1 and example 2.

All keys, knobs, and pointer switches are animatable.

Both of the sequential controllers and the sequential switch have XPresso setups to animate the lights in a realistic fashion. The patch included in the scene file is not editable (the spline dynamics have been removed to "freeze" the patchcords into place) but a separate scene file of fully dynamic patch cords is included should you wish to build your own patch. The patch provided is a "correct" one, but as I don't actually own one of these beasts, my setup remains a reasonable guess.

PLEASE NOTE: This model is only available in Cinema 4D R13 format. Due to the extensive use of instances, and parametric objects, converting this to an .OBJ file format would massively increase the polygon and memory usage. And you'd lose all the cool texturing and XPresso features.

roll over the image to view the mesh or isoparms

File Format: Cinema 4D R13
Price: $40.00 US
Polygons: 23844 (1804125)
Textures: 36

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