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Ghost in the Shell Tachikoma Robot 3D Object in Cinema 4D Format
A highly detailed model of a Tachikoma (tactical police robot/tank) from the Anime series Ghost In The Shell. Based on a much lower resolution model I found online, and on the collectible model that came with the Ghost In The Shell Second Gig Vol. 3 Special Edition, I modeled this guy from scratch. I originally set out to do the entire thing with primitive or procedural objects only, and booleans, but when I got to the legs and the pod at the back I had to resort to Hypernurbs box modeling techniques. Normally I like to leave objects editable/procedural, but in this case I had to freeze large portions of the object as polygonal objects because the high number of boolean operations was severely slowing Cinema 4D down.

roll over the image to view the mesh or isoparms

File Format: Cinema 4D 9.5
Price: $20.00 US
Polygons: 916862
Textures: 8

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