Bulb Modelling Tutorial - Page 4

Step 8:
Add a Cylinder object to the scene, with the following attributes: Radius and Height to line up with your template as shown above, 18 Height Segments (If you follow along the tutorial you will see later that this value should have been 14 height segments but its sometimes valuable to see how to fix mistakes later), 8 Rotation segments, and 1 Cap Segment. Once its positioned and sized correctly Click the Make Editable icon, and switch to Point Mode.

Step 9:
This is the part where you will be scratching your head trying to figure out how this series of steps results in the screw threads of the base. I am not sure I understand it myself. But it works. Chose the Rectangle Selection tool, turn off "Only Select Visble Elements" in the Active Tool Properties, and while holding down the SHIFT key, select every fourth row of points in the cylinder, making sure to not select the first or last row. Move these points some small amount in the X direction - I used 5 units in this tutorial.

Step 10:
Select the next set of rows up, chosing every fourth row but do not select the top row of points. Move these points 5 units in the Z direction.

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