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Planet texture maps, drawing and rendering galleries, 3D objects, and tutorials

Welcome to JHT's Planetary Pixel Emporium. While the primary focus here is planetary texture maps for 3D rendering, I hope that you will also find this to be a useful resource for Maxon Computer's Cinema 4D.

What you will find on this site: planetary texture maps that you can use in just about any 3D rendering program to create images of the planets of our solar system. This includes, where applicable, color maps, bump maps, specular maps, cloud maps, and ancilliary maps (such as color and transparency maps for rings for those planets that have them). My planet texture maps have been used in a variety of software products, museum displays, and even a couple of video games. The planet textures were created in a variety of ways — some from information gleaned from NASA data, others were created artisitcally or algorithmically. In addition to the planet textures, I offer a small library of 3D model objects in Cinema 4D format, galleries of my drawing and rendering projects, and tutorials for Cinema 4D.

You may notice some downloads on the site require PayPal payments. This is a measure I've had to put in place to defray the costs of hosting the site. The planet texture images can be quite large and this impacts on my bandwidth usage costs. I am keeping the prices reasonable, and there is plenty of free content here suitable for the majority of hobbyist 3D rendering artists.

I sometimes receive queries about copyright information regarding the use of the planet texture maps. You'll find a statement about copyright on the main planets page.

You'll find links to places that I have found interesting on the Links page. I even include links to other sites offering planet texture maps besides my own. If you don't like my planet maps for any reason, please have a look at these other sites — many of them have some great stuff. Below you will see a banner for the Cinema 4D Web Ring. There are some fantastic sites with lots of beautiful artwork and useful tutorials. Check them out.

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