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Solar System Scope
Interactive 3D model of the solar system planets and night sky. Really well done. Requires Flash.
Solar Voyager
A community devoted to space and sci fi artwork.
Home of the intriguing,insane, cool Dogwaffle.
great resource for models, textures, and tutorials.

link exchange

I'd like to establish some link exchanges with other sites dedicated to Cinema 4D. If you want to exchange links with me, email me with your information and a URL where I can find your link graphic, and I will include it here in exchange for a link on your site. Below, you will find my link graphics. Use whichever one fits best with your site design.

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Here are some cool sites I think you might enjoy:

Webmaster Elite - A German site with tutorials for a lot of programs, including Cinema4D. Although much of the content is in German, there are plenty of pictures which makes it easy to follow along, even for non-German readers.

Marathon Tempus Irae for Aleph One - A cross platform 2.5D First Person Shooter that I had a hand in creating.

3D Valley - A resource for 3D models, textures, tutorials, and more.

C4D Links - A moderated hub of links to sites of interest to Cinema 4D users.

3D Links - A great starting point to find Cinema 4D resources on the internet.

Scooter My Daisy Heads - The Incomplete Works of Perry Van Dongen. Perry is a friend of mine, busily turning a hobby into a possible profession. He gets better with every photograph he takes.

Blue Marble - Nasa's spectacular hi-res earth textures, provided free to the public. Puts my own meager efforts to shame. Where's my million dollar budget? :)

2001: A Space Odyssey 3D Model Archive - Downloadable models of spacecraft from the movie in a variety of formats.

Space Craft International - Inexpensive model kits of various probes and orbiters. Includes links to free paper models that you can download, print out, and build. Keen!

Open Universe - A solar system simulator using OpenGL. Runs on most flavours of Unix and Linux, as well as Windows. If you hunt around on the page you can find a link to a preliminary version of it that runs on MacOS.

Whole-Earth Images - Don't like my maps for some reason? Have a look around here at other free (and not-so free) alternatives.

Björn Jónsson - A very accomplished planetary map maker and renderer. He has some terrific maps of Jupiter's moons.

Planetary Maps - Constantine Thomas' excellent planetary maps page.

Dave Seal - JPL's planetary texture archive. Less pretty, more scientific. A great source for some of the maps here. And vice versa.

USGS - The collectors of the incredible elevation data used in most of my earth maps.

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